I am an in serious need of some balance in my life right now!

Summer is always a tough time for me when it comes to my schedule, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

There are so many fun things going on in the warm weather months that I pack my life too full!

For starters, I feel really bad neglecting my blog like I have been doing because I love doing it so much and it also relaxes me to sit down and look at my pictures and write. I don’t know how some people do it 3 times a day. Lately, I have been finding that I have to cut something out and a lot of times it is putting together a post.  Honestly, sometimes I do have the time but I just want to read, listen to music, or watch some TV.

When I first started the blog I would sometimes stay up past midnight to get it all done but my lack of sleep really caught up with me. Like I said before, I really need to find balance. Any suggestions?

While I am being honest, I have a good number of food photos from the last week but I am not 100% sure what day they are from and I know there are some gaps. At least they are in some kind of order.

I think Tuesday and Wednesday from last week are completely empty of photos.



I packed ingredients for a yogurt bowl: granola, almonds, raw oats, chia seeds, blueberries, and chobani.

Another note, I was packing m stuff at night but that gets cut out sometimes.


A peach of a snack.


She keeps me company every morning while I pack my lunch in the morning. We call her our little sous chef.


Turkey and muenster on wheat for lunch. I think I had cucumbers too … somewhere?

I was in charge of dinner.


Whole wheat pasta , garlic tomato sauce, and steamed broccoli for green goddess powers!

Friday was oats, and I packed leftover pasta but I ended up going to lunch for my Co-worker’s b-day to a new to me restaurant Santé Fe

I was unprepared with no camera and low lighting. I had an 8 dollar lunch special of chicken tacos. They were really good and followed more traditional Mexican cooking.

Friday night my mom invited Jo and I to “girls night out” with some friends.


I consumed a few flying fish farmhouse summer ales.


Jo got a few Guinness moustaches that night as well.


We shared these sweet potato chips with horseradish dip.


We also split a personal pizza, she had the peperoni half.

It was a laid back evening and we just sat around a table.

Saturday was a productive day and we started with breakfast.


Scrambled eggs with an English muffin slathered with Crofter’s strawberry spread.

We headed out to the farmers market near by to check out their fresh produce.





and yummy baked goods.




Jo picked up a bag of her favorite old fashioned candies.


We also picked up some fresh produce for the week. I managed to walk out with NO baked goods.

We also did our grocery shopping at Wegman’s (my favorite) and cleaned the WHOLE apartment.


I was starved so we shared some fresh blue corn tortilla chips and salsa.


We also picked up a 6-pack of this summer ale to enjoy on a stormy night.


We ate a few green salads and cooked some sausage we found at the farmers market.


We made 2 maple, apple sausage and one pepper and onion sausage.


I hade 3/4ths of an apple maple link on a whole wheat bun with mustard. I had one bite of the pepper and onion as well.

I spent the rest of the night reading, listening to county music, and talking with Jo while we had a few of our summer ales.

Sunday we woke up with one thing in mind……


SMOOTHIES! Yogurt, milk, berries, spinach, oats, chia seeds, banana, and a splash of OJ to finish off the bottle.


I had one slice of toast with honey and butter to add a little sustenance to my meal. I was going to need it.

I also snapped a “behind the scenes” photo for you.


This is what I deal with every day when I  am trying to eat! She has no fear and she is a nosey little kitty.

Sunday I went to the Philadelphia Pride festival with some friends. We were there way later than I had originally planned.

We saw some great colorful performances, I ate pizza, and had a great time.


Monday I was off and ate breakfast around 9 am. Cereal with bananas, skim milk, and chia seeds. Then I went to bed. I woke up just in time for Joanna to hand me lunch.


B.L.T.T. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and turkey.


Jo cooked chicken for dinner with baked beans, potatoes, and salad. I don’t know where my other pictures went.

Yesterday was cereal and yogurt with some cherries from the market. I had PB&J for lunch with tomato cucumber salad and a banana.

Dinner was a usual suspect:






Quesadillas are a favorite on this blog. I think I have a Mexican style food problem.

The filling made excellent leftovers today for lunch as lettuce wraps. I used whole leafs of bib lettuce from Chas’s parents garden to hold the mixture and some fresh slice tomatoes. It was one of my favorite lunches in a long time.

Next week I am hosting a fund raiser where reps for four different companies are going to showcase their product and have generously pledged to give a percent of their sales to my 3-Day 60 mile walk for breast cancer.

Also, If you are interested in purchasing products, all of the vendors have online sites available as well.

Pampered Chef

Natalie the consultant has agreed to donate up to 15% of sales to the cause, and $20.00 of her personal money to anyone who agrees to host their own show!

Mary Kay

Chas has agreed to donate 50% of the total sales profit to my personal fundraising.

Miche Purses

I will receive 10% of sales towards my fundraising efforts!

Stella & Dot Jewelry

Stella and Dot has great stylish jewelry and will pledge a portion of the sales to my fundraiser.

If you do make an online order please let me know so that I can get credit towards my fundraiser!

Thanks everyone.

Again, working on that life balance. How do you do it? Please share!


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Birthday at the Ballpark

Happy 28th Birthday to Keri!

Last night we normally go grocery shopping but instead we went to the Philadelphia Phillies game to celebrate our friend Keri’s 28th B-day.

She has been one of Chas’s best friends since grade school and their birthdays are only 4 days a part. When she called us to see if we wanted to join hem we jumper on the opportunity.

There was 18 of us… 13 girls and 5 guys. 


We all wore shirts that spelled out Fightin Phils on the front.


The back spelled out Happy 28th B-Day Keri!


This is the birthday girl with her Hubby. Such a good picture of them.


Jo and I with the birthday girl.


Stace AKA SwimInCircles


We spent a few hours tailgating….. I was the DD Sad smile but that is ok because I was feeling great this morning. I cant say the same for my roomies.


I did par-take in a few games of flip cup. Red tanks vs. blue tanks.




The red tanks one the first best out of 5 but when we played again we decided we should make a little bet…….


Our confidence was really high after the last win and when we lost we all had to attempt hand stands. Some of us were good, some gave it a good try, some did not even try (like me).

When it started to get dark we finally went in to watch the game.


Citizens Bank Park is only a few years old and was voted for having the best healthy, veggie, and vegan food of all the MLB parks.


Cliff Lee was pitching tonight which I was very exited about.


We also got our pics taken in front of the green screen.

We all sorta got separated after this.


Some of the group went to the big saloon that is right in the ball park.

Jo, AJ, and I went a watched the game. We enjoyed dollar dogs (Hot Dogs that cost 1 dollar on special nights and it includes vegan dogs), some fries, and ice cream. We all shared a few bites with each other.

I also did not have possession of camera at this time to snap photos.

This was Jo’s first live game. She was very excited.



Overall, it was a great night and everyone had fun. Thanks Keri for inviting us and letting us celebrate your birthday with you.

Today I was a little weak on the eats seeing as I missed my grocery shopping trip. I hope to get to the store tomorrow night so I have 1 more day of making meals outta nothing! Today I ate oats, big salad day salad, and cereal for dinner (bad blogger girl). I am off to see if I can wrestle up some healthy fare from what we have left.

I need to get back to my bloggin roots with good recipes, more frequent posts, and more food photos.

Tomorrow I have a work picnic, a movie date, and a much needed long walk planned.


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Foodless Wordless Weekend

lauren earings

lauren living room

Lauren BW dress color

Lauren tree


















Chas jo aj tree





chas pig





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